Give back or get involved?

Helping Band – Our

For us, our cooperation partners and all those who participate, Helping Band is an expression of an attitude - for commitment, participation and meaningful action. At the same time, Helping Band is our personal reminder, telling us every day: It's up to you. Just start and get involved in terms of sustainability, environmental compatibility, social justice and humanity.

Helping Band – Our

Helping Band wants to build bridges. We want that people reach out their handtogether to move a tiny step closer to their ideal of a world worthy of living in.
With Helping Band we won’t change the world overnight. But we can set an example, together.And with each individual project, we can make our own personal contribution. Because we support the ideas and initiatives that appear to us as necessary, correct and valuable and which bring us as society a step forward.
Let’s come together. Share goals and values. And let’s see what we can achieve together.
Let’s unite and create change.

Helping Band – Our

Benedikt Böhm had the idea and is the founder of Helping Band. Benedikt made this initiative a reality because the preservation of our planet is a matter that is near and dear to his heart. With Helping Band he would like to enable together with each subsequent generation that the outdoors and nature can be experienced just as he is allowed to experience it on his expeditions.

Benedikt Böhm profile
Benedikt Böhm, 42, is a speaker, extreme athlete, speed ski mountaineer, and managing director of the ski touring and trail running brand Dynafit. Recently, he also became a WWF ambassador.
Benedikt uses his contacts in the business world to influence sustainable development in the areas of business and society within the framework of his expeditions and events.

His initiatives and events to date:

  • Expeditions in Germany: An expedition with the goal to commit companies to conscientious future business practices.
  • Expedition to benefit Albert-Schweizer Children’s Homes
  • Expedition to benefit medical are flights Nepal
  • Expeditions to benefit the Snow Leopard Trust

Helping Band - the

Helping Band is fully independent of other organizations and institutions and not based on commercially oriented growth.

For every project, we seek suitable partners from various segments that we can support with the sales of our wristbands.

Our partnership with WWF is the beginning. Additional projects with other partners and orientations are to follow.