Shipping and Payment Conditions

Shipping to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is carried out via DHL and Deutsche Post standard shipping. For up to 1 (one) band (merchandise value: EUR 4.99) we charge a shipping fee of EUR 1.50 for deliveries to Germany; for a shopping cart value of 2 (two) bands or more (merchandise value: EUR 9.98) we ship free of charge within Germany. For shipping to Austria and Switzerland, as well as to other countries, we charge EUR 1.90 for up to 1 (one) band; for a shopping cart value of 2 (two) bands or more (merchandise value: EUR 9.98), we ship free of charge outside Germany.

Diakonie Herzogsägmühle, based in Peiting, is responsible for the shipping. Diakonie Herzogsägmühle employs people with disabilities. We have consciously decided to take this step (even if it might be faster and cheaper elsewhere), because we have had years of positive experience working with them. This is also expressed in the fact that Diakonie Herzogsägmühle was awarded the Gemeinwohl Ökonomie certificate in an external audit. The certificate honors economic systems built on values that promote the common good. However, this also means that we respect the restrictions and limited working hours of the employees at Diakonie. Therefore, shipping can take up to 7 business days. We thank you for your understanding.

International shipping is free for orders of 2 (two) or more bands.
The shipping time is between 5 and 7 business days.

Our store has the following payment methods:

credit card