Helping Band Supporting WWF


Nature conservation and species protection:
Together against climate change

If we as humans want to survive, we have no choice:
Preserve habitats intact and save biodiversity on our planet – and survive. That’s why we have come together with WWF:
The WWF is involved in the entire world for nature and wildlife conservation. That means rainforests, living oceans and the protection of endangered species.

That closes the cycle because all of these topics are related causally as one with one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change

Let us therefore save the world – together and for each of our own interests. For us. Our children. And because we owe it to the world: Let's unite and create change.

A minimum of EUR 0.50 from the sale of each wristband goes to WWF. Depending, however, on how many people get involved with Helping Band for the preservation of our planet, this sum can also increase significantly. This is because Helping Band does not aim to make a profit, but merely to cover its costs. We will communicate the contributions that go to WWF on a semi-annual basis.

In addition, we have contractually committed to donate a minimum amount of EUR 60,000 each year to WWF.


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A wristband for our oceans and coasts

Our oceans produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe. They regulate our global climate system. And they are the source for the global hydrological cycle that provides us with precipitation and fresh water. They also provide a vital food supply for nearly three billion people, especially in developing countries.

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A wristband for saving our forests

Although there is even a net increase in forest area in the northern hemisphere, globally at least 14 million hectares of forest disappear on average every year, especially in the tropics. This corresponds to an area larger than Austria and Switzerland combined. The decline of valuable virgin forests is particularly dramatic. Worldwide, there are only two to three percent natural forests left.

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A wristband for climate protection

Natural paradises such as the Amazon are threatened with broad destruction and being robbed of half of their animal and plant life. That’s why the global community in 2015 came together on the Paris Treaty that limits global warming to significantly less than two degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, people who argue against climate change continue to chop down important rain forests.

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A wristband for saving endangered species

The decrease in biodiversity is caused significantly by human actions. This includes, for example, destruction of the animals' habitats or direct persecution and hunting for a wide variety of interests. WWF is globally engaged in the protection of endangered species such as tigers, gorillas, elephants and rhinoceros.

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